About the Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is a modern and dynamic destination with a rich history and unique natural beauty. There are thousand ways to discover the Czech Republic: castles and chateaux, historical cities, UNESCO monuments, museums and galleries...

Come and see the Czech Republic magical atmosphere, where ancient times are combined with the unadulterated present in several locations.​​

Castles and chateaux – the greatest Czech treasures

Proud royal castles and lovely chateaux, charming gardens, ancient treasures, legends and mysteries. Impregnable fortresses, defiant forts, fairytale chateaux and whimsical summer palaces in expansive landscaped pa​rks – these are places where the past comes to life. Tours are livened up by guides in historical costume, period music and dance, swordsmen and falconers. You will sometimes even come across a ghost! One of the most popular castles in the Czech Republic is Karlštejn Castle, where the Czech crown jewels are displayed. The castle and chateau in ČeskýKrumlov with the Baroque theatre and revolving auditorium in the chateau gardens are presented to you as whimsically playful.

UNESCO – places you just have to see!

Will you choose one of the ancient cities, a modern villa or an impressive Gothic cathedral?​​
Registrations in the UNESCO cultural heritage list are not bestowed lightly; there are less than a thousand in the whole world but you can find twelve of them in the Czech Republic. Apart from the historical centre of Prague, ČeskýKrumlov, Kutná Hora and Telč these for example include the Functionalist Villa Tugendhat in Brno designed by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the historical gardens and chateau in Kroměříž and the Pilgrimage Church of St. John of Nepomuk steeped in symbolism in ŽďárnadSázavou.​

​Historical towns – you will feel like in you are a fairy tale

Historical towns.jpg
Narrow winding lanes, picturesque squares, town walls and church towers – this is the romance of the old market towns.
Set out on a trip to cities full of romantic atmosphere and pulsing with life! Unforgettable experiences await you – breathtaking views and superb culinary delights while taking a seat in one of the cafes or restaurants specializing in regional products. What for example would you say to a visit to Telč, Prachatice or Litomyšl? Kutná Hora and ČeskýKrumlov are also popular tips for trips. Or would you rather set out for Mikulov?

Museums and galleries

Town in Czech Republic.jpg
Museums and galleries are where education and learning about culture, science, technology, tradition and history are bundled bonus of fun!
Lovers of classic exposition and admirers of the modern museum concept can choose for themselves. You will learn about the secrets of the past, the mysteries of the future, and the essence of the present. If you are interested in how things work around us, then visit the National Technical Museum in Prague – a paradise of science and technology. Whoever is intoxicated by the scent of gasoline or diesel won't be able to resist the cars in the Škoda Auto Museum in MladáBoleslav. Admirers of architecture, design and art will also find what they're looking for. The atmosphere of the art of the past 10 centuries can be seen at the National Gallery in Prague, while contemporary art can be found at Prague's DOX Centre for Contemporary Art.

Intangible heritage – traditions, aromas and flavours of the Czech Republic

ThinkstockPhotos-539110014.jpgJoy from discovering the best the Czech Republic has to offer is supported by the magic of traditions, the renowned taste of the local cuisine and also by a selection of great wines or beers.
Several traditions represent the Czech Republic on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, i.e. customs, traditions and cultural events. These include for example falconry, the colourful Shrovetide processions in the Hlinecko region, the men's folk dance verbuňk and the unique festival known as the Ride of the Kings. And if you are already here, wandering around the Czech Republic, why not also try the traditional beers Pilsner Urquell or Budweiser Budvar, a decent shot of plum brandy or the herbal liqueur Becherovka. Did you know that it is also called the thirteenth healing spring of Karlovy Vary?


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